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AAE Solar Overview

Affordable Alternative Energy is a Colorado locally owned company specializing in Solar Energy Consulting, Solar Energy System Installation and Project Management. We work primarily in Boulder County, Boulder City, Louisville, Broomfield and Denver.

The Company Philosophy - To provide the customer with the best solar photovoltaic system at the best value while providing superior customer support and service. 

This is a really smart time to go solar. There are historic financial incentives: up to a 60% Cash Savings due to: a 30% Federal Tax Credit, State of Colorado Renewable Energy rebates, and a Lower Sales Tax. So you can get a PV system to power your home at a fraction of the actual cost. Really! Then there is the fact that your investment will start making you money in as little as 7 years (3 for commercial properties). This is the right time, you just need the right partner - AAE solar.

Comprehensive personal service from AAE's principal partner, David Waldman, and Project Manager Andy Pendl- from consultation through installation.

Save $2000

Because of the way AAE Solar's business plan reduces waste and increases efficiency you can plan on paying around $2000 less than you would pay with most solar providers who follow a traditional business plan. One such area of savings is that AAE will drop-ship your system directly from the manufacturer to you, you save the add cost of warehousing and local delivery fees. We'll be at your home to take delivery of your equipment and you save a couple thousand dollars.

AAE Solar Services

Residential Solar, Commercial Solar, Photovoltaic, PV, Sales, Installation. Design & provide specifications for your solar energy system. Apply for your municipal building permit. Coordinate any subcontractors. Apply for your Xcel Energy rebate. Note: Your utility company will give you a rebate of $1.75 /watt of solar generation you install, plus an additional .04c per kilo-watt/hour you produce for the next 10 years. Place your solar equipment order. Ensure timely delivery of all equipment directly to your home. Manage and on site supervision of all the subcontractors. Manage the solar photovoltaic (PV) system installation. Coordinate your city inspection(s) for the final approval from your municipality. Provide financing options, should you need a bridge loan

AAE Solar Pricing

Get the solar system you’ve dreamed about for less than you imagined. It’s simple. As your project manager we will organize the work and get you on your way to generating your own electricity. You will use the same state-of-the-art equipment, the same high quality manufacturers, and the same warranties as other solar installers; however, your completed project will be less costly than our competitors.

By taking delivery at your place, the installation together with AAE, you save thousands of dollars. More importantly, you save the environment. And that’s what going green is ultimately about. Save the environment while you save money.

By installing a solar electric generating system, you can:

  • Decrease the yearly amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into the Colorado air by 3,088 pounds per kiloWatt installed, or 30,888 lbs/year with a 10kW system. Plus there are historic financial incentives: up to a 60% Cash Savings: Rebates from Colorado renewable energy Fund,  a Federal Tax Credit of 30%, and Lower Sales Tax.
  • Then there is the fact that your investment will be paid off in as little as 7 years (3 for commercial properties), and then it will start making you money for decades to come.
  • Increase the appraisal value of your home by more than the cash expenditure you made to install the system.

Why You Should Choose AAE Solar

AAE Solar has a documented track record of professional and reliable service. When you work with AAE you get:

  • A custom designed, cost-efficient, top-quality solar (photovoltaic) system built to withstand the wind and snow conditions of the Front Range
  • Comprehensive personal service from AAE principal David Waldman - from consultation through installation
  • A professional installation team including structural engineers, roof contractors, and electricians
  • Quality solar panels that carry a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Financing options if necessary

AAE Solar Customer Testimonials

"Dave Waldman and his team gave me concise answers to my questions, attentive service, and installed my system when they said they would - at a total cost less than anyone else I looked at. From my perspective, AAE Solar is the best solar value in Colorado" - Dick Piland, Niwot, CO

"As a businessman running a major distribution company I saw it as my responsibility to conserve energy, but I couldn’t afford to shut down my operations to convert to solar. AAE’s people helped us make the transition with the least possible disruption. Bottom line, I got great service and value from AAE." - John Damiano, Damiano Inc., Denver, CO 

"When I hired AAE, I knew I was getting the best price, but I didn’t know I was also getting the best service. I had a panel failure six months after installation and AAE responded immediately. A replacement panel was ordered and installed and I never had to deal with the manufacturer, AAE took care of everything." - Jim Roberts, Louisville, CO

"As an architect, I need a solar partner who will work with my creative style. AAE Solar was just that company. I have used AAE on both commercial and residential projects and have always found this organization doesn’t just meet my expectations, they exceed them." - Mike Moore, Tres Birds Architecture, Boulder, CO

AAE Solar Certifications and Awards


Contact AAE Solar

1871 Continental View Dr
Louisville, CO 80027


Service Areas: Denver, Boulder, Adams, Jefferson, Douglas; Denver/Boulder Metro Area

Boulder County license # is:  CON-11-0128


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