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Borrego Solar Overview

Borrego Solar is solving the world's energy problems by accelerating the adoption of renewable energy.  Our people are committed to excellence in every aspect of solar design and construction.

Borrego Solar offers a complete range of solar energy services to commercial and public sector customers across the United States.Backed by more than 30 years of industry experience and a dedicated research team, we handle every aspect of solar power installations - including financing, technology evaluation, engineering and design, construction, monitoring, and ongoing maintenance and support - to ensure the most efficient and reliable solution.

As a result of successfully installing more than 1,000 solar energy solutions, we’ve developed the expertise and analytical tools needed to accurately predict system production and financial payback. We combine this proven methodology with unique integrated solar financing options and sophisticated technology sourcing to ensure that our solar power systems deliver the greatest possible return on investment.

Borrego Solar Energy Services

Borrego Solar offers a complete range of solar energy services, from feasibility study through to turnkey installation.


  • Consulting & Feasibility Studies
  • RFP Creation & Advisory Services
  • Engineering & Design
  • Technology & Resource Evaluation


  • Financing & PPA
  • Solar Rebates & Incentives


  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Installation & Construction
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • System Monitoring

The various stages of planning, purchasing, and maintaining a solar power system are easy and efficient with Borrego Solar’s one-stop shop for solar.Whether it’s developing energy production and payback models, evaluating technologies, assessing finance options, or building, maintaining, and operating your solar energy solution, we bring experience and the ability to see your solar power installation through to completion.

Our solar energy services can help you reduce the time, money, and risk sometimes associated with a commercial solar system.

Solar Energy Financing & Power Purchase Agreements

Borrego Solar offers the most efficient and proven solar financing packages to customers who want to go solar for no money down.

Our Solar Financing Difference 

A significant outlay of both capital and resources are needed to purchase, install, and maintain a solar power installation. That’s why Borrego Solar offers the most efficient and proven solar financing packages to customers who want to go solar for no money down. Once the scope of your project is defined and any available rebates and incentives are identified, the Solar Finance Team will model various finance scenarios until the lowest price per kWh is identified.

What is a PPA and what makes it integrated?

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are long-term contracts to buy clean electricity at a predetermined rate. While the PPA provider absorbs the costs of design, construction, operation, and maintenance; customers realize a lower utility bill immediately, as they purchase the clean solar electricity produced at a predetermined (below-the-grid) rate.

Attached to the local utility grid, a customer substitutes a portion of their traditional monthly electric bills with the bill for the solar energy. The PPA provider consumes any available solar incentives and passes the savings on to the customer.

At Borrego Solar, our PPAs are “integrated” because we are both the PPA provider and the solar installer. Traditional PPAs have a PPA provider looking to make good on their investments and a solar installer interested in the lowest cost engineering, procurement, and construction.

At Borrego Solar, the interests of both the installer and the financier are aligned. That means our team will design, construct, and maintain the highest quality system, because it’s also our investment.

Integrated PPA Benefits

  • Reduced utility bills–Cash flow positive from day 1 to year 20
  • Protection from escalating energy rates–Most experts predict that the cost of electricity will continue to increase faster than inflation due to pressure from global demand growth and environmental regulations. Locking in a low rate today will protect you tomorrow, and if prices rise as projected, your savings will increase
  • No production or performance risks–The risk of a system performing less than projected falls on us
  • Carbon footprint reduction–On average, 100kW of DC solar power installed in North America will reduce approximately 175,000 lbs of CO2 annually
  • No operation or maintenance expenses–Customers only purchase the energy produced, so all operation and maintenance is on Borrego Solar.
  • Marketing opportunities–Switching from brown power to clean renewable energy is one the best marketing and PR tools available to businesses and municipalities.
  • Freeing up of capital for critical investments–Saving money on operating costs allows you to preserve your capital to invest in core business opportunities

Typical PPA Terms:

  • 20-Year contract length
  • Cash flow positive in year one
  • Fixed escalator of 2-4% per year
  • Multiple buy out options or the system can be removed at the end of the contract
  • Option to extend after the contract term has completed

Solar Rebates and Incentives

Our team will help you identify and utilize all available federal, state and local rebates, grants and tax credits.Solar projects often qualify for a number of government incentives. Potential subsidies include: rebates, tax credits, grants, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and accelerated depreciation. In some cases the combination of Federal, State, and local subsidies can offset up to 70% of the total installed cost.

Rebate programs can be hard to navigate and application processes leave little room for error. As an additional benefit to you, Borrego Solar’s Project Developers will identify the available funds your solar power system is qualified for, and our rebate specialists will process, manage, and track your applications to payment.

In many cases, you can avoid waiting for rebates from administering agencies all together, because Borrego Solar will reduce the cost of your solar power installation upfront, and worry about the rebate so you don’t have to.

One-Stop Solar Shop

We handle the entire solar power installation process for you, in essence serving as your one-stop shop for solar. In doing so, we can lower management overhead, save time, and cut costs.

Consulting Services

We step in where needed to advise you on specific aspects of your project. As solar energy veterans, we’ve developed extensive industry expertise that we can apply to your project to ensure successful results.

Unlike some other companies, we offer our services a-la carte, without requiring you to commit to a solar power installation.

Contact Borrego Solar

Borrego Solar has locations throughout California and in the North East.

Berkeley, CA

2560 9th Street, Suite 216
Berkeley, CA 94710

Phone: (888) 898-6273
Fax: (888) 843-6778

Boston, MA

205 Industrial Avenue East
Lowell, MA 01852

Phone: (888) 898-6273
Fax: (888) 843-6778

San Diego, CA

1810 Gillespie Way, Suite 108
El Cajon, CA 92020

Phone: (888) 898-6273
Fax: (888) 843-6778

Borrego Solar is currently installing and has completed projects throughout California, New England, and the mid-Atlantic region. 

Borrego Solar in the News

San Diego's Borrego Solar Makes Deal with Chinese Supplier

Thu, 03/31/2011 - 10:34 PM

Borrego Solar, a San Diego developer which focuses on commercial and government installations, said Wednesday that it has signed a supplier deal with a Chinese maker of photovoltaic panels. The deal is an sign of how Chinese solar panel makers are gaining a commanding market share of the growing industry in the United States. 

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