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Solar Installation Service Area(s): Illinois, Kansas, Missouri

About Brightergy

Brightergy is a privately held company, formed through the acquisition of certain assets from The Energy Savings Store, formed in 2003, and is now the Midwest's largest solar integrator. We offer design and installation services for solar electric, solar heat, and solar hot water. Our team has decades of industry experience in solar energy system design and installation, electrical and structural engineering, and solar project financing. We aim to set new standards for solar integrators by offering the highest level of customer service while providing turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction services.

We provide complete design, procurement of equipment, installation, and service for: Solar Photovoltaic brands such as: SunPower, Sharp, and Uni-solar. Solar Hot-Water brands like, Velux, Heliodyne, and SunMaxx. And Solar Heating brands such as Solarsheat and InSpire. Our installers are NABCEP Certified, and they have completed over 200 installations in the Mid-West, including the largest array in Kansas (22 kW), and the largest array in Missouri (140 kW).

Brightergy Services

Brightergy is a one stop shop. We provide solar design, finance, installation, and maintenance service.

  • Custom design
    Each house and building is a little different so we make sure each system is properly designed just for your house. All of our designs undergo two layers of approval and include a electrical and structural analysis from licensed engineers.
  • Experienced installers
    Our experienced installers will provide a high quality installation that adheres to all local building codes and industry standards. We use quality solar panels and racking materials made of stainless steel hardware to ensure a long life.
  • Project management
    Each project will have a designated project manager. The project manager is the customer’s primary contact and will be available to answer any questions you may have. Once we are done with the installation we will provide an owner’s package that contains information on how to operate your system and any applicable warranty’s.
  • Monitoring
    All of our solar systems include a web based monitoring system that allows you to monitor your systems performance from anywhere. We will routinely review your systems performance to make sure everything is functioning properly.
  • Reputable manufacturers
    Brightergy only uses high quality solar panels from reputable manufacturers that provide solid warranties. We have done our research on our manufacturing partners to make sure each product we offer is high quality and contain industry standard warranties.

The Brightergy Process

Upgrading to clean solar energy is easier than ever before! We’re here to help you determine whether solar is right for your home, business, or organization. Brightergy helps you make the switch to solar in 6 easy steps:

  1. Site evaluation
    Every client is unique, so we start with a site survey to determine roof slope, orientation, shading, panel location, and power distribution. We want to make sure your site is viable for solar before proceeding.
  2. Analysis & proposal
    We will provide a detailed proposal that includes the suggested system size, energy savings, payback calculations, cash flow analysis, and environmental benefits. We will identify federal and local incentives, depreciation, and other benefits that improve your investment.
  3. System design
    Once you decide to proceed, our engineering team will design your system. Designs typically include professional CAD drawings to illustrate the panel and inverter selections and system layout, an electrical one line diagram with calculations, and structural & wind analysis.
  4. Permit & incentive processing
    We will submit and manage all the paperwork for federal and state incentives, utility interconnection, and local permitting requirements.
  5. Installation
    Our licensed professionals will install your system and equipment and commission your system to make sure it is working properly.
  6. Service & ongoing support
    We will routinely monitor your systems performance and alert you of any problems. We can also help you with marketing support to promote your solar installation.

Brightergy Solar Financial Information

Federal, state, and local authorities offer great financial incentives to get homeowners to go solar. These incentives can reduce the upfront cost by over 66%.

Federal tax credits

The federal government provides a 30% income tax credit for solar property. For example, if you have a $10,000 solar system, you get a tax credit for $3,000. There is no limit on the tax credit and you can carry it forward up to 20 years in case you don’t have a tax liability this year.

Local rebate programs

Many states, cities, and utility companies have created various incentive programs but the amounts vary by program.

You can view more information on federal and state incentives at and also check out the rebates in the markets we serve:

  • Missouri (Ameren)
  • Missouri (KCPL)
  • Massachusetts

Contact About Brightergy

15209 W. 99th St.
Lenexa, KS, 66219


Brightergy Contractor's license #954525

Headquarters Kansas City with representatives in St. Louis, and expanding into the North Eastern United States. Our current service areas include the Mid-West States, mainly Missouri, Eastern Kansas, and Southern Illinois.

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