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Green Essex Solar Overview

Green Essex Solar is a fully licensed and insured solar installation company focusing on Northern and Central New Jersey; with our passion for clean energy, efficient pricing, local presence and NABCEP-certified solar installers, please let us show you all your benefits in going solar with GES.

Green Essex Solar (GES) was founded for a simple but powerful reason: to allow regular New Jersey residents and businesses to save money and go green at the same time – two things that rarely go together.  A long time ago, we saw that clean and efficient solar power offers by far and away the best opportunity for many New Jerseyites to drastically reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint while earning more than three times the stock market rate of return on their green investment. Ever since then, we have been exploring how to best assist consumers in that process.

Green Essex Solar is a New Jersey limited liability company that is based in and operates out of Livingston, New Jersey.  GES brings cost-effective solar power to homes and businesses in North and Central New Jersey. It is a family-owned and operated company, and we take great pride in our strong ethical standards.  To ensure the best experience for our clients, every installation our company performs is designed to be an effective energy solution that provides a powerful return on our customers’ investment.  We are fully licensed and insured.

Our dream of seeing clean and energy-saving solar panels on hundreds of thousands of New Jersey roofs is getting closer to reality with every passing year, and we are excited by your interest and support in leading the charge in our own community.

Our Expertise

Green Essex Solar’s top-notch technical team is led and trained by a NABCEP*-certified PV installer (the gold standard of the solar industry), with over 300 projects and many years of solar installation experience under his belt. Having successfully installed so many residential and commercial solar systems, our staff has the top-notch expertise necessary to make your project go right from start to finish. To ensure quality, we only install solar panels that have a 25-year performance warranty from the manufacturer. Moreover, we offer a five-year money-back protection plan in the event of any serious workmanship errors (see our custom job proposal for details).

Our Customer Service

At Green Essex Solar, our customer service is a source of great pride. As a locally-based and family-run business, we provide that rare combination of locally-based and always accessible staff coupled with a first-rate installation crew. Since GES has deep roots in our Western Essex County community and the surrounding regions, our customers are also our neighbors. Therefore, we insist that all our potential and existing clients are treated courteously and with respect, taking the time to answer all questions and clearly explain every step in the installation process.

Top Notch Expertise

  • 20% annual ROI for residential installations
  • Over 20% annual ROI for commercial installations
  • Leasing Available for Qualified Customers - $0 down Solar Leases  - start saving money on electrical bills IMMEDIATELY
  • Make Money Back On Investment In 3.5 Years
  • GES will help you to GO GREEN and SAVE GREEN at the same time

Green Essex Solar Services


PV Installation in Essex County NJ - Are you considering photovoltaic panels for your property in Essex County, NJ? A solar PV installation from Green Essex Solar is the best way to reduce monthly costs, invest in the future, and increase property value, all while doing your part to help the environment. And wait until your green energy incentives (SRECs) and tax credits roll in: you won’t regret your decision.

Even if you never heard of solar but would like to drastically reduce your power bill and reliance on the utility company, there is no better choice here in New Jersey than to go solar and start to safely produce your own renewable energy.

If your roof works, our team can professionally install photovoltaic panels that will provide you with clean power for up to 50 years (with the manufacturer warranty covering half of that time span). The best part? With the current incentives available in New Jersey, your system will earn you back the entire net cost of your investment in about 4 years or less (a return of 25% on your money after taxes). After that, it's all profit for your family.

To be able to create a tailored proposal for your property and power usage, we will need to arrange a short site visit to closer examine your electricity bills and needs, determine the optimal panel placement given your shading profile and see if any electrical or structural adjustments are necessary to support your system. The size of your system can also be adjusted based on how much of your bill you'd like to offset and your budget.

We also offer many customers the ability to lease photovoltaic panels at no net cost to them whatsoever, making it an even more attractive time to go green. With the Green Essex Solar lease, we will pay for all the costs of the installation by ourselves and will then split your energy savings with you 50-50 in the form of monthly lease payments. As a result you will be cash-positive from day one and can expect to pay no more than ? of your utility savings for enjoying your free clean energy system..

So if you are considering alternative energy for your home or business in Essex County, NJ, a PV installation by Green Essex Solar could be right for you. By using our expertise and being with you every step of the way, Green Essex Solar makes it easy for you to make cash while helping out the environment at the same time. We know that our success depends on your satisfaction and referrals, and focus on ensuring that installing alternative energy panels with us is one of the best decisions you make. Please call us today to see what GES can do for you.

Commercial Installation

Going solar is an even more lucrative investment for a business than it is for any residential property, mostly since a commercial entity has the added advantage of being able to depreciate or expense the entire net cost of the solar project from its taxes. The result, for any New Jersey business with a suitable roof, is an average internal rate of return of over 40% on the combined cost of going solar (please call us to briefly discuss your individual savings, which could be substantially higher). To be clear, the typical historical rate of return from a stock market investment (BEFORE taxes) is only 8.5% a year. Moreover, as our installers have designed, built and launched more than a megawatt worth of commercial projects alone, Green Essex Solar has the experience and know-how to make your commercial property go solar properly and efficiently.

Financial Incentives

30% Federal Tax Credit

By federal law, any taxpayer may offset his or her tax bill by 30% of the total equipment, labor and related costs associated with the installation of solar panels for their home. There is no monetary limit on this credit, and the taxpayer is also permitted to carry forward any unused amount of the credit forward to the succeeding taxable year (up to the end of 2016 and potentially even longer). The 30% tax credit is claimed at tax time; together with the other financial benefits of going solar in New Jersey it effectively ensures that any home or business owner gets back roughly half of his/her total paid within one year of going solar.

Depreciation/Expensing for Commercial Properties

A commercial property has the added benefit of being able to depreciate (or expense) the entire net cost of going solar with GES off your taxes,* resulting in an additional savings of 20-30% off its total cost of the project (depending on your tax bracket). Solar enjoys an accelerated MACRS depreciation schedule of only five years (meaning that it will only take you that long to write off all of your net solar costs). What's more, the ability for "bonus" 50% depreciation in the initial year may also become available if your system is built in 2011 (depending on whether Congress chooses to renew the favorable 2010 tax rules). Lastly, there may be an opportunity to write off the whole depreciable amount in the first tax year (rather than depreciate it over five years) by using a particular section of the Internal Revenue Code.

When added to the other financial benefits offered by solar, the accelerated depreciation or expensing that IRS allows for green projects typically subtracts over 20% off the entire cost of the project, significantly increasing a commercial property's return on its investment. To see how much your roof can earn, take a look at the sample commercial RoI illustration on the right and contact us at 201-500-7652 to receive an individualized and detailed proposal for your building.

*The depreciable basis = Total Project Costs X (30% federal tax credit) = 85% of Total Project Costs

Financing Options

Besides the 30% federal tax credit and the electricity savings, solar power producers are also able to earn energy credits, or SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) from the State of New Jersey. After GES registers your solar system with the state of New Jersey, you will earn an SREC each time your system generates 1000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. An average-size solar installation will produce about 7-8 SRECs each year.

The great part about NJ SRECs is that all New Jersey utilities routinely purchase them to prevent state-imposed penalties for producing their power from non-green sources such as coal and natural gas. SRECs are traded and sold on SREC markets (like stocks), and the current market price is about $640 per SREC. Though market prices may go up and down, based on the recent trading trend a medium-size residential solar system will earn more than $4,500 per year from SREC sales alone, in 2011. The revenue from generating and selling SRECs currently allows a NJ property owner with a good roof to get back close to 20% of his/her net cost of going solar.

Property Value Increase

It is clear that the electricity savings from going solar increase your property’s resale/property value (without increasing your property taxes, thanks to New Jersey law), but by how much? According to a study published in The Appraisal Journal, a home's value is increased by $20 for every $1 reduction in annual energy savings. This means that if your solar system cuts your PSE&G utility bill by $1,500 a year (as is typical for an average-size system), your property’s overall value would increase by $30,000. Note that in our state, the projected annual NJ SREC income (currently considerably more than the electricity savings) would clearly increase your property’s value even more since it usually transfers to the buyer. On top of that, the U.S. Department of Energy's renewable energy office has found that a home will sell twice as fast as with solar than without; a recent Business Week article also reported that homes with solar panels sell faster and at a higher price.

Besides the above resale advantages, because solar panels save money they beat almost all other home improvements when it comes to increasing your property value. While many purchasers want to redo or take out other home improvements due to their subjective styles and tastes, who will object to saving on the electric bills or receiving the SREC revenue? Also, unlike most property improvements solar panels will increase in value over time as electricity prices rise – your property, unlike others, will be inflation-proof with respect to that portion of your power that is supplied by solar. So even if you don’t plan to keep your property for a very long time, considering all of the above you can rest assured that your solar panels would hike up your property value more than a new deck or kitchen ever could.

Utility Savings

An average homeowner will save 40-50% of the electricity bill by going solar with us, and commercial properties can save even more. If a typical electricity bill for a New Jersey home is approximately $175 per month, you can see that the savings by going solar would add up to $1000 or more each year that the solar system is in operation. As all solar panels installed by Green Essex Solar are guaranteed by their manufacturer to last for at least 25 years, that equals $30,000 in utility bill relief ALONE (never mind the federal tax credit and the projected revenue from the SRECs). Many homeowners have a larger house to air condition in the summer, a swimming pool or teenagers with lots of electronic devices – their savings by going solar with GES would typically result in an even bigger sum. For businesses, a serious reduction of the electricity bill often results in a significant reduction in overhead costs.

Even more importantly, by using sunpower for even a portion of your electric needs you automatically protect yourself from any utility rate increases on that part of your power supply. Utilities have been increasing the rates they charge to consumers at a rate of 6% a year in the Northeast. With such price increases, just ask yourself how much your electric bill will be in 10 years? What about 25 years? Of course, the Sun will never increase its $0 rate for supplying you with solar energy. 

Green Essex Solar Certifications and Awards

Green Essex Solar's lead installer has achieved the Solar PV certification from NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners), the gold standard of the solar industry. Green Essex Solar is also a licensed Home Improvement Contractor in the state of New Jersey and is fully insured and registered with the NJ Better Business Bureau. They are a proud member of the Northeast Solar Energy Association, American Solar Energy Society and the Solar Living Institute, among other industry organizations. Green Essex Solar welcomes your interest in renewable power and energy savings, and looks forward to working with you. 

Contact Green Essex Solar

Call us at 201-500-SOLAR (7652).

Green Essex Solar
PO Box 1876
Livingston, NJ 07039
License Number: 13VH06056600


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