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Green Stream Solar + Electric Overview

Green Stream Solar + Electric’s vision is to make solar electricity part of the mainstream energy supply, incorporate Total Customer Satisfaction programs in the Solar Industry that focus on quality, professionalism, and service, so our team can deliver results on time and on budget.

Our commitment to you is to provide the best quality system at the best value possible. We pride ourselves in being competitive in the market place. We look out for your best interests and suggest the right product and system to match your goals.

Solar Experience

  • The founders of Green Stream have collectively been in the building industry for over 50 years .
  • In 2007, Won the Silver Customer Satisfaction Award from the NHBA for the customer satisfaction programs they developed.
  • Directed over 600 kW of Solar Installations in the Southern California region.
  • Maintain a dedicated staff of energy consultants, designers, and installers to make solar a turnkey solution for our customers.

Service Plus Inc.With over 50 years of experience, Service Plus Incorporated is an expert in the construction, maintenance and restoration business. They specialize in property maintenance, homeowners associations, remodels, room additions and home improvements.

With projects through-out Southern California, the quality of construction meets the industry’s highest standards.  We are affiliated with the CACM, BIA, IICRC, Home Aid and MICRO.

Solar Services

As energy costs continue to rise more homeowners are seeking alternative means to power their homes. Solar panels offer a safe, simple and productive method for producing power, lowering your utility costs while preserving the environment.

Green Stream transforms your home into a hybrid system that utilizes both solar energy and the energy from your existing power grid; the optimal way to power your house and cut back on heating and electric bills.

It's remarkably simple. During the day solar panels mounted on your roof silently harness the suns bountiful energy supply and convert it into electricity. This energy is used to power the various devices in your home during the day. At night your home reverts back to drawing power from the existing grid.

Generate excess energy and you'll actually send power back to the grid. Your electrical meter will literally turn backwards!

At Green Stream , we'll provide your home with state-of-the-art solar panels and energy solutions. Our talented team of energy experts will provide you with a consultation and decide the optimal solar configuration for your home. We'll install all the necessary roof mounts and panels and also a monitoring system that allows you to see just how much solar energy you're using.

Residential Solar

When a solar energy consultant sets up an appointment for a FREE solar evaluation for your home, they will need preliminary information to be properly prepared to help you.  A Solar Energy Consultant will need your property address and 12 months of kWh usage.

There are several different parameters that will be evaluated to determine what solar system size will fit on your roof and on your main electrical service panel.  Once that is determined, the amount the system will offset will be calculated, taking into account any shade concerns.

We will work with you to determine your energy offset goals and then design a system to meet them.

After you have decided to move forward with your system, our Project Manager will schedule a Site Confirmation Survey.  The Solar Energy Consultant, Project Manager and Engineering/Design team will then prepare for installation.

Designing Your System

Green Stream Solar uses Nalu Energy’s design team to ensure that your system is designed correctly the first time. Nalu’s senior design engineer is LEED AP and NABCEP certified designer, and a C-10 Licensed Electrician (CA License # C-10 943029).

The Nalu Energy team consists of mechanical and electrical design engineers, all of whom hold engineering degrees from ABET accredited institutions. Nalu’s experience includes the design of over 400 residential projects (which account for over 3 MW of installed solar) and over 25 commercial projects (which account for over 4.5 MW of installed solar).

Commercial Solar

Green Stream's comprehensive energy services can navigate customers through the financing and implementation of customized energy efficiency projects. Our cohesive team specializes in the latest energy saving technologies and practices to upgrade aging facility equipment, lower utility bills, meet renewable energy goals, improve building performance and increase employee productivity.

Energy Benchmarking

As of January 1st, 2011, commercial buildings in California are required by law to participate in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star program. Just like car dealers are required to disclose a car's fuel efficiency rating to consumers, now, in California, building owners will be required to disclose the building's energy efficiency rating to buyers and lessees.

What is a Commercial Energy Audit?

A commercial building energy audit is a study of your building's energy consumption.  An energy auditor will perform an analysis of your building through interviewing facility managers, bill collection and site inspection. The auditor will develop a road map that could reduce energy usage and costs in your building. Depending upon the level of your building energy audit, the auditor will then quantify how much savings potential there is for each of these measures, and the costs associated with implementing them.

Energy Efficiency Retrofit

Once key measures are determined, a line item proposal is presented for retrofitting or replacement.

Utility Rebates & Incentives

There are numerous incentives and rebates available to the commercial building owner. GreenStream's Team of experts will identify, capture,  and process the needed applications for your business if you qualify.

State & Federal Grants & Loans

Considering the type of asset class your building falls under, you may meet the requirements for specific programs in your jurisdiction. GreenStream can navigate you through the intricate maze of conditions.

Renewable Lease Back

A leasing vehicle that will cover 100% of the cost to design, permit, insure, install test, warranty, monitor, repair and operate a complete solar energy system. If your business spends $10,000 per month on electricity you will be in position to save over $4.3 million by taking advantage of the leasing program. That's a lot of money! Those funds could save jobs, expand your business and keep you competitive in this economy!

EPACT 2005

The Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2005 provides immediate tax deductions for qualifying investments (renovations / improvements / retrofits) that reduce energy  costs for commercial buildings on a whole/partial-building basis while achieving specific energy cost reductions above ASHRAE 2001 building energy code standards.

Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation is an IRS-approved application by which commercial property owners can accelerate depreciation and reduce the amount of taxes owed. This savings generates substantial cash flow that owners often use to reinvest in the business, purchase more property, apply to their principle payment or spend on themselves.

Public Relations Support

Most clients that retrofit their property are anxious to publicize their efforts to some degree. To support that effort, GreenStream's Marketing Department offers a community publicity support at no cost to our clients.

Solar Maintenance

Every solar array will accumulate dust and debris over time.  It is important to wash your solar array to maximize its performance.  We provide an a-la-carte service to wash your solar array and also check for any potential issues while we are on-site.

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