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HelioPower is an integrated energy solutions company based in California.  Founded in 2001 by Maurice “Mo” Rousso, HelioPower is a renewable industry veteran celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Our engineering and construction teams have completed over 1600 solar and clean energy systems for clients in the United States and abroad.  We reduce energy costs and create energy assets by leveraging renewable energy production, demand side management and return on investment strategies.

With 30 years of combined experience in solar photovoltaic financing, design, installation and energy generation analysis, HelioPower is an engineering driven firm with exacting standards in technical expertise, project management, client communications and workmanship.  Our team consistently delivered cost reducing energy efficiency technologies and high yield clean energy systems for a wide range of commercial, residential, public sector and utility clients.

Commercial Solar Power Systems

HelioPower 01HelioPower engineers commercial solar power systems that exceed your energy, construction and financial expectations.

With over 1600 solar and clean power systems generating electricity for residential, commercial, community and utility scale clients in the U.S and abroad, our team delivers the best-engineered and constructed solar power plants for the lowest total lifecycle cost – providing maximum value to your organization and mitigating your risk.

Working with HelioPower you will capture today’s renewable energy opportunities and create a hedge against tomorrow’s unpredictable energy costs with a clean energy generation system tailored to your specific objectives.

Residential Solar Power Systems

HelioPower 02Lower your electric bill with an affordable home solar power system from HelioPower.  Our solar power experts have engineered and installed over 1600 solar and clean energy systems throughout the Western United States.  

From financing to modules and energy production monitoring, we have direct relationships with the solar industry’s premier companies.  We work with them to deliver solar photovoltaic (PV) systems engineered to deliver the highest return on investment for you.

We are a proud partner of SunRun, the nation’s largest solar home financing company.  With HelioPower and SunRun you can upgrade to home solar for as little as $0(OAC).

Residential solar power systems generate clean, renewable energy to help our communities and planet be more sustainable and help create jobs and economic strength in the U.S.

HelioPower's comprehensive residential solar engineering services include in person site assessment, custom system design, professional and accredited installation, utility interconnect and permitting, and rebate management.  System performance monitoring is available.  Our team is certified and trained to install the best engineered solar panel system to reduce or eliminate your electric bill.

Energy Finance

HelioPower energy and solar financing services result in distributed energy generation asset creation and acquisition.  We align the interests of investors, developers and large scale energy users to finance and build renewable energy projects.

Funding strategies leverage debt, equity, leasing and power purchase agreement (PPA) structures to meet energy financial objectives.   Applicable government grant and incentive programs are utilized to deliver maximum return on investment.

The HelioPower management team has a combined track record of over $9 billion in completed finance transactions.  The team is versed in a wide variety of financing programs, including equity fundraising for solar startups, construction financing for power plant development, PPA origination, energy asset acquisitions and power billing programs.

We work with respected firms in the banking and financial markets. In 2008 the firm worked with Citi Community Capital, a division of Citi, to form the Helio Green Energy Community Investment Fund, a $100 million solar financing program.  The initial project for the Helio Green Energy Fund was The Tech Museum in San Jose, CA. 

Additionally HelioPower works with established financial partners to develop, own and operate large commercial and utility scale solar assets owned by the company in the United States and abroad.

Are you looking to become a Solar Installer?

Add Solar Installation to your list of services! HelioPower makes it easy to get started by offering pre-engineered packaged solar power systems at contractor pricing.  Since our kits include everything you need to install a PV solar system you will have minimal changes to your shop or truck with new supplies.  Many of our contractors carry zero additional inventory. They just show up with their tools.

With thousands of installations under our belt, we know which products perform best and keep us from performing service calls. HelioPower's solar kits are designed with top of the line component manufacturers like Canadian Solar, SMA, and Professional Solar.

Installing solar is rewarding work and leaves you viewed as a hero in your customer's eyes. Because of this, lots of business is self-generating through referrals. If you are already a contractor then you have all the skills necessary to pull this off.

Ride the green wave with engineered solar kits from HelioPower!

Get Trained by the Professionals at HelioUniversity

Our solar workshops take you through all the areas of providing solar power to a building. There's much more to solar than just the installation procedures. There are permits to secure and rebates to file and process. Solar code compliance can be tricky for the new guy too. Passing inspection is something you want to do the first time. Enroll in one of our 1 day workshops and learn the ins and outs of successfully installing a solar power system.

We offer training that fits you schedule not ours. 

  • Option 1: A 1 day class offered monthly at our shop.
  • Option 2: A private 1 on 1 class just for you on a date you name.
  • Option 3: Group training.  Bring your entire crew and sales team.
  • Option 4: Onsite.  Why fly to California? We'll bring our training to your shop.

Contact HelioPower

25767 Jefferson Avenue
Murrieta, California 92562

Tel: 951.677.7755
Fax: 951.677.9559
Toll Free: 1.87.SOLAR.888 / 1.877.652.7888

Palm Desert
75178 Gerald Ford Drive - Suite 3A
Palm Desert, CA 92211

Tel: 760.568.5650
Fax: 877.279.3900

201 Harris Avenue, Suite 15
Sacramento, CA 95838

Tel: 916.564.4442
Fax: 916.564.6126

San Francisco
100 Montgomery Street, Suite 1055
San Francisco, CA 94104

Tel: 415.43 HELIO (415.434.3546)
Fax: 415.788.5103 

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