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Kenergy Solar Overview

Kenergy was founded with a vision of helping consumers and businesses pursue this agenda. Rising electricity costs have made everyone aware of the impact of energy use patterns on expense budgets. No one can deny that the era of thoughtless consumption is ending.

At Kenergy Solar our business mission is to help customers successfully deploy renewable energy systems. We work with you to utilize federal, state, and local government subsidies designed to encourage deployment of solar PV systems. We design and install systems to maximize the solar energy potential at your home or office. Kenergy will manage each step of the installation process from pulling permits to obtaining an interconnection agreement with your local utility.

Now is the time for solar energy!
The cost of electricity is increasing throughout the region. Increased global fuel demand and pending "Cap and Trade" legislation make it almost certain that these trends will continue.

Federal, state, and local tax benefits and incentive programs lower the cost of solar energy systems. These programs can reduce system costs by 50% or more. Purchasing a solar energy system is an investment that will generate a measurable rate of return.

At Kenergy Solar we optimize production of your system while paying close attention to technical and aesthetic details during design and installation. We look forward to working with you!

There is a reason why federal, local, and state governments are working so hard to encourage the growth of renewable technologies.

  • Renewable energy sources don't burn fossil fuels so we reduce the amount of pollutants in our air
  • Distributed solar PV systems can offset construction of new coal or nuclear facilities and/or high power transmission lines
  • Distributed solar PV systems contribute their peak production during mid-day periods of peak demand

Residential Solar

There are economic, societal, and personal reasons why a homeowner might choose to install a solar PV system:

  • Electric utility rates have increased dramatically. Solar PV provides a hedge against future price increases
  • Solar PV is a good long-term investment with a solid rate of return
  • Improve the resale value of your property
  • Eliminate your electric bill and achieve a "Net-Zero Energy" home retrofit
  • Reduce your individual carbon footprint by generating clean energy
  • Eliminate or offset the pollutants generated by traditional power generating facilities such as coal and nuclear power plants
  • Renewable technologies help stimulate the American economy and create good jobs
  • Capitalize on generous federal, state, and local incentives designed to encourage increased deployment of renewable energy sources

Whatever your motivation might be, we spend the time to understand your goals and objectives so that we can design a solar PV solution that will help you reach them. Kenergy Solar will help you understand how you can lower your utility cost while making a positive social and environmental investment.

Commercial Solar

Businesses are uniquely positioned to benefit from the benefits of a solar PV system. In addition to federal, state, and local incentives businesses have access to substantial and valuable benefits. We will work with your executive, finance, and marketing staff to help your company realize the benefits of accelerated depreciation and new publicity and marketing opportunities. Kenergy Solar applies a six-step process to your project to ensure a successful solar installation.

Accelerated Depreciation

A commercial solar PV system can be depreciated using the federal MACD schedule. This allows for a 50% depreciation in Year 1 followed by a depreciation of the remainder of the system cost over a 5 year period. This benefit is typically valued at 26% of the initial system cost.

Publicity and Marketing Opportunities

The growing number of residential solar customers in your community will have an increased affinity for local businesses that choose to go solar. Kenergy Solar will work with your organization to publicize your installation including support for tours and educational seminars at your location.
Kenergy Solar will work with you to offer a special Solar Home Discount to your employees. This unique benefit will impact employee morale and loyalty to your organization at no additional cost to your company.

Commercial Financing Options

Outright Purchase

  • Customer secures financing;
  • Customer takes tax credit;
  • Customer sells Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (S-REC) and receives Money or Receives Performance Based Incentive (PBI);
  • Customer pays for Operation and Maintenance (O & M);
  • Kenergy Solar facilitates deal components.

Lease Agreement

  • 7-10 yr contract for fixed payments below current electricity costs;
  • Buyout provision at lease-end;
  • Customer sells Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (S-REC) and receives Money or Receives Performance Based Incentive (PBI);
  • Finance company usually takes tax credit;
  • Customer pays for Operation and Maintenance (O & M);
  • Kenergy Solar facilitates deal components.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • Customer contracts to pay fixed/known escalation rate for electricity (usually at or below current energy costs);
  • Customer and host are often, but not always, the same;
  • A 3rd party, e.g. abank or insurance company, owns the plant;
  • A 3rd party receives Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (S-REC) and receives Money or Receives Performance Based Incentive (PBI);
  • A 3rd party pays for Operation and Maintenance (O & M);
  • A 3rd party receives tax credit.

Kenergy Solar Certifications and Awards

  • NABCEP Certificate holder
  • MHIC #127519
  • DC Home Improvement #1246576928

Contact Kenergy Solar

314 Braeburn Glen Ct.
Millersville, MD 21108

(410) 533.4499
(410) 729.8544

License Number: 127519

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