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About NW Wind & Solar

NW Wind & Solar is a division of SME, Inc. of Seattle, a leading electrical contractor with over 38 years of expertise and vast experience with home, commercial and industrial electrical systems, including primary electric service, wiring, and electrical generator systems for Homes and Industry (License # SMEINS*066DB).

At NW Wind & Solar, our goal is to help you reduce your dependence on nonrenewable energy sources and start achieving sustainability in your business or home. Our business is helping you make choices that are good for the environment and right for your home or business.

NW Wind & Solar offers:

  • A staff of renewable energy experts to guide you through the process of implementing effective, user-friendly solar power or wind energy systems
  • A professional in-house engineering staff to design your renewable energy systems to meet your specific needs
  • Skilled, experienced, certified, and licensed installation experts
  • A full five-year warranty on our work — one of the best in the industry.

At NW Wind & Solar, we believe in renewable energy. We have several LEED accredited professionals on staff. We integrate recycling, renewable energy, and employee commuting benefits into our work. We have installed both a solar energy system and a wind power generator at our main office. Our belief in the importance of sustainable business practices extends to our own operations.

Residential Solar Power

Featured Residential Solar Power Project

A residential solar electricity generating system from NW Wind & Solar provides you with your own supplemental electrical power source to work in concert with power from your electric utility provider. Power is produced when there is sufficient sunlight falling onto your solar panel cells which is then converted to alternating current (AC) and routed throughout your home. Because NW Wind & Solar installations are connected to the existing electricity grid, power is always available.

Solar power systems are installed with both a production meter, which monitors the total amount of electricity produced by your solar array, and a net meter, which both enables you to seamlessly reduce your demand from the electric utility and sell excess supply back when your system generates more than you are using.

Sample Residential System

Assumed Pre-Solar Use

  • 17,166 kWh of electricity purchased from the utility per year
  • Utility purchases cost approx $1,716.60/year

System Size and Cost

  • 4.0 kW solar electric system
  • System cost after incentives: $18,396

Energy and Cost Savings

  • 23% of annual electricity usage — about 3,883 kWh a year — will be generated by the solar electric system
  • Over its 25-year lifespan, the solar electric system will have generated 97,087 kWh and saved $7,314 over the purchase price — a 39% ROI!

Environmental Impact

  • Use of this solar electric system would result in a reduction of carbon emissions of 65 tons.
  • This is equivalent to:
    • Planting 2,576 trees
    • Not flying 132,784 air miles
    • Not driving an SUV 82,040 miles

Site Considerations

The inverter is typically located as close as practical to the modules. In a residential application, the inverter is often mounted to the exterior sidewall of the home near electrical main or sub panels. NW Wind & Solar will ensure your solar installation meets legal requirements and building code regulations and that it is correctly designed to maximize production for your site and conditions.

Is a solar electric power system right for you?

Trust an energy architect. The best way to tell is through a free, no obligation preliminary site evaluation and proposal. A NW Wind & Solar expert will come to your home, survey the site, answer your questions, and prepare a proposal for the installation of a solar power system. Then the choice is up to you.

There has never been a better time to go solar.

Commercial Solar Power

Commercial Solar Power Project

A NW Wind & Solar commercial solar electric power generating system provides you with your own supplemental electrical power. NW Wind & Solar’s systems work in concert with power from your electrical utility. Solar power is produced when there is sufficient sunlight falling onto your solar panel array. Electricity is converted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) by an inverter, and the resulting flow is routed to your electric service through a special circuit allowing immediate use.

Because our installations are connected to the power grid, electricity is always available, no matter what. However, when your production exceeds your demand, power is automatically “sold back” to the utility. Commercial solar power systems are installed with both a production meter, which monitors the amount of electricity produced from your solar array, and a net meter, which enables the energy sales to go both ways.

Sample Commercial System

Assumed Pre-Solar Utility Use

  • 100,970 kWh of electricity purchased from the utility per year
  • Utility purchases cost approx $10,097/year

System Size and Cost

  • 20.8 kW solar electric system
  • System cost after incentives: $88,379

Energy and Cost Savings

  • 20% of annual electricity usage will be generated by the solar electric system, or approximately 20,194 kWh per year
  • Over the 25-year life of the solar electric system, you will have generated 504,854 kWh and saved $45,315.
  • That’s a 51% return over the 25-year life of your solar electric system.
  • Additionally, your solar electric system qualifies for accelerated depreciation.

Environmental Impact

  • This would result in a reduction of carbon emissions of 337 tons.
  • This is equivalent to:
    • Planting 13,395 trees
    • Not flying 690,477 air miles
    • Not driving an SUV 426,608 miles

Solar and Wind Power Financing

Because of our place in the renewable energy industry in Seattle and the Northwest, NW Wind & Solar has relationships with some of the leading lenders who specialize in financing renewable energy projects. We can provide you with an application, help you to complete and submit it, and follow-up to speed approval.

We understand that a renewable energy system can be a big investment and that there are many considerations when deciding to become an electricity producer using the power of the sun or wind. NW Wind & Solar is committed to providing a customer service experience that is easy, trouble-free, and supported through the entire process.

NW Wind & Solar, through its financing partnerships, offers a variety of both secured and unsecured financing options for both residential and commercial customers.

Your New Renewable Energy System has never been more affordable!
NW Wind & Solar offers 12 months Same-As-Cash payment options. Purchase a solar electric system or wind turbine system from us and you may qualify for no payments/no interest for 12 months!* By using our 12 months Same-As-Cash finance program you can potentially receive all of your 30% tax credit, Washington State Production Incentive Payment & Free Electricity your first year with no payments or interest! Ask your sales consultant for more details.

Lending Program Benefits:

  • Buy Now and Start Paying 12 Months from Now
  • Unsecurred installment loans (same-as-cash payment options)
  • 100% financing for eligible home improvements
  • Credit commitment valid for 120 days from loan approval date
  • Repayment terms from 1 to 10 years
  • Convenient application calling hours:
  • M-F 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Free & Easy to Use… Apply for Your Loan Today! Loan-by-phone, paperless application, including credit decision, usally in about 10 minutes!

*NW Wind & Solar a division of SME Inc of Seattle is not a lender or broker and does not guarantee or make any representations of viability, rates, points or loan programs quoted by Enerbank USA, an independently owned and operated company suggested by NW Wind & Solar as a source of financing information.

*Loans provided by EnerBank USA (1245 E. Brickyard Rd., Suite 640, Salt Lake City, UT 84106) on approved credit, for a limited time. Repayment terms vary from 24 to 132 months. 17.43% fixed APR subject to change. Interest waived if repaid in 365 days.

Commercial Solar and Wind Power Financing Options

The best and easiest way to finance a commercial solar or wind installation is through a lease. You can choose to have a capital lease or an operating lease. NW Wind & Solar works closely with leasing companies to provide you with the best financing options for your business.

After completing an easy one-page application, funding decisions are usually made within 24 hours. Flexible payment terms can be included so that you can match your company’s cash flow to the payment schedule. Ask your sales consultant for more information regarding this type of financing.

Contact NW Wind and Solar

Whether you are at the beginning stages of planning a renewable energy system for your home or office site, or you are ready to go green now, contact NW Wind & Solar today for the most experienced team in the Northwest.

We will identify the best way to integrate solar energy and wind power into your existing infrastructure, submit the appropriate paperwork for permitting, help with financing, and arrange an installation schedule that works with you.

NW Wind & Solar
828 Poplar Place S.
Seattle, WA 98144

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