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Solar Connections Overview

Solar Connections, LLC has been an independantly owned and operated commercial and residential solar installer in New Jersey since 2007. Our experienced solar specialists can help you lower your energy bills – and even earn money – with a new photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system. We handle each project from start to finish and work with leading industry vendors to ensure high quality every step of the way. We proudly stand behind our work with a five-year warranty.

We’ll also help connect you with Federal and State solar rebate programs that can make your new system very affordable.  With New Jersey’s valuable Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) Program, you can actually cover the cost of your solar energy system over time – and start putting extra money in your bank account!

We will match or beat any legitimate written quote!

Financial Incentives for Solar Installations

Several great incentives for solar systems are available from the State of New Jersey and the Federal Government.

How Solar Panels Reduce Your Net Electric Use - Your solar array will make electricity that you would otherwise buy from your utility company. This electricity has a "blended rate" (supply and delivery) of about $0.19 or $0.20 per kilo watt-hour today. Your system can be sized to make all the electricity you use on an average annual basis. To make this work, the electricity make when the sun shines but don't use is sent to the electric utility grid. You keep track of this with your electric meter by turning it backwards.  You can have this electricity  back at night when the sun is down.  Turning your electric meter backwards during the day and forward at night is like having a invisable battery to use, therefor eliminating the old solar hassal of electric storage with batteries.

Residential Solar Incentives

  • Federal Tax Credit is 30% of out of pocket costs
  • State of New Jersey SREC Program

Commercial Solar Incentives

  • Federal Tax Credit is 30% of out of pocket costs
  • State of New Jersey SREC program
  • Equipment Depreciation: 5 Years accelerated

SREC Value

Every month, your system earns you valuable SRECs or energy "credits". These credits are the financial backbone of the NJ rebate approach and the hardest to understand at first. Given to you monthly, they return a portion of your financial investment based on electric production from your system. More information about Solar Renewable Energy Credits is available on this website.

Saving Money with Solar

When you put your home to work generating solar power, you see immediate savings on  your electric bill, reduce your carbon footprint and use FREE, clean, renewable energy from the sun!

Some reasons why it's a Smart Investment!

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • System pays for itself in 5-6 years
  • Lock in low electric rates
  • Sell credits back to the utility company
  • Make the electricity you will be buying anyway
  • Immediate increase in your home's value 

Solar Leasing

Now By Popular Demand: $0 Sungevity Solar Lease Option. Get solar as a service for $0 money down and start paying less for the energy you use every day.

The single biggest barrier to the adoption of solar power has always been the high upfront cost of getting a system onto your roof. Did you know that approximately 90% of the lifetime cost of a home solar system involves payments for panels and installation?

Sungevity’s Solar Lease allows you to go solar without the upfront cost. For no money down, we will design and install a system customized for your home, then lease the panels to you for a low monthly rate.

Solar Equipment Options

Solar Connections LLC is an independant solar electric installation company.  Privatly owned and operated, we have the freedom to offer you several equipment options unlike some of the big box suppliers that may be required to sell one particular brand of equipment.

We have developed our installation approach by offering several types of equipment from strong, proven manufactures which include well-known, established, American made, name brands  and the latest microinverter-modual-racking combination. We have divided them into three different catagories to provide you with several options.  They are all good choices and we are comfortable discussing them with you.

  • Microinverter-panel-Racking System
    Westinghouse Solar comes complete with Enlighten.  The Enlighten service provides an unprecedented level of intelligence to solar power system owners and installers. Unlike conventional monitoring systems, which only monitor the inverter, Enlighten is continuously monitoring the health and performance of every solar module and microinverter in the array. Enlighten's cloud-based analytics will identify and alert owners and installers to any deviation in performance, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Strong Industry Standards
    • SUNNY BOY for small and mid-range systems 
    • Sharp solar products with proven reliability, outstanding customer service and the assurance of our 25-year limited warranty on power output
    • Fronius Grid-Connected PV Inverters
  •  Made in USA
    • Solar World - For SolarWorld, being made in America means more than simply assembling foreign components in the USA, which does little to benefit the economy. By carrying out the entire value chain in the USA , we are creating American manufacturing jobs not only at our factories but at our suppliers’ factories as well.
    • Solectria Renewables - U.S. based grid-tied PV inverter, string combiner and web-based monitoring manufacturer for residential, commercial and utility-scale solar projects.

Certifications, Memberships and Awards

  • We are a Trade Ally with the New Jersey Clean Energy Program
  • We are an authorized Westinghouse Solar Dealer
  • We are an official Sharp Certified Installer, Certification number 2009022402599.

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9 Veronica Ave.
Somerset, NJ 08873


NJ Home Improvement Contractors Licence # 13VH02670600

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