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Solar Technologies Overview

We provide you with complete design and build turn-key solar power installation services.

The mission of Solar Technologies is to promote renewable energy use across the United States by giving people the means to end their dependence on fossil fuels through clean energy such as solar power. We understand that people's desires to make their homes and offices pollution-free must be combined with strategies for making this goal financially feasible. That's why we're not just experts in solar power engineering, but in the financial incentives and tax advantages of installing solar power systems.

Solar Technologies is the number one resource for renewable energy solutions. Our experienced team of knowledgeable experts has been providing solar energy systems since 1970. All of our systems rigorously adhere to the National Electrical Code, resulting in a safe and long-lasting installation. We have four employees Shawn Murphy, Casey McDonald, James Donalson, and David Rowland that are NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer.

We're proud of our honest work, our attention to quality and our satisfied customers who have turned their good intentions into reality by transforming their rooftops into clean, emission-free power plants fueled by the solar power of the sun. The total satisfaction of every customer, big or small, is our No. 1 goal!

Solar Technologies Services

Residential Solar Power

Solar power systems that are tied to the grid are designed to feed power back to the utility system when they generate more power than can be used. Consequently, the good you do for the environment doesn't stop at your home or office. Even neighbors without solar power systems can draw upon the renewable energy of the sun - while you bank credit against the utility-generated power you use at night.

In optimal conditions, the credit you earn by feeding power back to the grid will offset the cost of the energy you use when the sun shines less frequently. This arrangement with your utility company is called "net metering." In California, utility companies are required to provide customers with net electricity consumption information each month. Every 12 months the credits and debits are reconciled, or "trued up."

Of course grid-tied systems do not need to offset all your power. They can also be used for "peak load shaving." That is, you can offset your usage during the highest rate tiers, where the payback is best.

Grid-tied solar power systems generally will not operate when the grid is down. That disadvantage is offset when you consider that these systems are much more efficient and less expensive than those that include backup batteries. Unless you live in an area subject to frequent outages, it will generally be to your benefit not to be concerned about the occasional outage.

On the other hand, we do offer a stand-alone battery backup module that can be installed at any time to keep your power on while every building around you is dark. This backup module can be used whether or not you have solar power for you home or small office.

Commercial Solar Power

Up to 60% off a solar power system this year only!! Rebates, tax credits, renewable energy credits and 100% financing. Your business will save money from day one.

Solar Technologies offers a free commercial solar energy analysis to see if solar power is an economically feasible and affordable method of reducing your electric bills.

Solar Power Analysis

  • Inspect your property with you and/or your building-maintenance supervisor.
  • Prepare an evaluation and proposal based on an analysis of your building's energy needs, layout, location and construction.

The Solar Power Proposal

  • Solar power system recommendation for generating solar energy. 
  • Economic analysis based on your current and future energy generating needs.
  • Financing options that fit your company's needs.

Benefits of Solar Power Systems

  • Reduce Your Electric Bills 
  • Fix Your Electric Rate Escalation
  • Use the Utility As Your Backup Electricity Generator
  • Get A Great Public Image For Becoming A Green Company
  • Help The Environment By Reducing CO2 Production

One of the biggest benefits that distributed power generation holds for businesses is that solar power cells (photovoltaic or PV cells) produce electricity when you need it most - during the day, at the peak of utility power usage. But many businesses also have critical systems that must have power 24/7. Solar Technologies can recommend and install a variety of backup systems that seamlessly kick in when utility power fails.

Solar Technologies Certifications and Awards

  • C46-California
  • Solar Contractor #886102 

Solar Technologies System Install Statistics

  • 1,000 kW Total PV Installed
  • 600 On-grid PV Installs
  • 20 Off-grid PV Installs

Contact Solar Technologies

Santa Cruz Office
619 Soquel Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Tel: 888-765-76937

Silicon Valley Office
Almaden Valley/Willow Glen
San Jose

Tel: 888-765-76937

License Number: C46-886102

Solar Technologies in the News

Solar Technologies Offsets Oakland Company's Entire Commercial Electric Use

Fri, 04/29/2011 - 10:51 PM

Solar Technologies announces the commissioning of its first SunPower commercial installation. Feeney, Inc. of Oakland, California chose Solar Technologies to install a 90 kW solar system capable of meeting all of its energy demands. 

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